It's Story Time: Sisters, I remember once talking to a friend who enjoys sharing his words of wisdom with me.  On this particular occasion, we were talking about people helping people, and how you never know what affect you may have on a person’s life when you are lending a helping hand.  That’s when he asked me if I’d ever heard the story about the man and the starfish.  When I said, “No,” he said, “Let me share.”

As the story goes, a couple was walking on the beach, holding hands, expressing their love and how much they cared about one another.  It was a great night to be out. The moon was just right, the stars filled the sky, and the breeze was perfect. The tide had come and gone, but what it left behind was a beach with thousands of starfish washed up on it.  As the couple walked, every few minutes the husband would reach down and pick up one of the defenseless starfish that had washed up on the shore.  After watching her husband toss about six or so starfish back into the water, the wife asked the husband, “Why do you do that?”

The husband replied, “Do what?”

“Toss those starfish back into the ocean?” she asked.  “There are thousands of starfish out here. There’s no way you can toss all of them back into the ocean.  So, why do you do it?  I can’t see the importance in it,” she said.

The husband looked at his lovely wife and said, “Well, the one starfish that I toss back into the ocean sees the importance of tossing just one starfish back in.”

I was speechless.  I thought, “What a great story. The value of just helping one.”  I know sometimes I hear people say, “I really want to help people” and I may even listen to their big dreams about being able to help thousands of people.  I, myself, have even shared that dream of wanting to help thousands of people.  But when I heard the starfish story, it reminded me of how we can all do what we can with what we have, where we are, right now, to help one another.  True, you may not be able to save all the starfish that have “washed up on the beach," but maybe you could save one or even two.

Remember, seed-faith is sowing what you have been given to create what you have been promised. So, today, give something back. Because, when you give back, you become like the husband walking on the beach.  What he gave may have seemed small to his wife, but to the one starfish whose life he saved, it was everything.  - PBC

Who Are Women And Men Who WIN?

Women and men who are in need of a hand up not a hand out.

Young women are among our most valuable commodity. Planting a seed of empowering information in the heart of a young woman is like planting an apple seed. When you plant an apple seed you get an apple. You also get an apple tree and you ultimately get an apple orchard! For every young woman you empower, you ultimately empower hundreds, thousands and ultimately millions!! I am so blessed that they allow me to share myself with them!! Every time I am privileged to speak to them, I walk away with an unlimited amount of positive energy. They are truly the light force that lights the path to me living a fulfilled life. 

To my spiritual sisters, my connectors, including sisters I have yet to meet who send me an invaluable, unlimited source of positive energy just by being themselves: I thank you and I appreciate you more than my words could ever say. I appreciate you allowing me to share my gifts and talents with you. When I give to you, I give to myself because we are all connected. My giving of myself to assist you doesn't deplete me. It only assures me that I will always flow in the limitless world of the All Providing. It also assures me that what I send out to you will flow back to me. I believe you must be that which you desire to have in your life. I desire to live in peace and harmony with the Universal God, and to enjoy great relationships with my connector sisters. I also desire to have loving, caring, good people in my life. So, I extend to you that which I want in return: unconditional love. Sisters, we are better together than we could ever be alone. Sisters, save a starfish.

​"When we learn we teach," says Maya Angelou.

PBC's Wealth Transference Commitment

When You Save A Girl You Save A Generation

Covenant Cove Community Supports Women And Men Who  WIN 

Extending A Hand Up To Women And Men Who WIN In Loving Memory  Of Emma Jean Brown

Extending A Hand Up To Women And Men Who WIN In Loving Memory Of Queen Nicholson


EMMA JEAN BROWN (1935 - 1975)
I was only 12-years-old when my mother transitioned from physically being here with us. I miss the warmth of her touch today as much as I did the day she left. But I am also very appreciative to the Universal God for the time he allowed me to have with her. To the many who knew her she was just considered Sister Brown, a devout Pentecostal woman who tried to see the good in every situation. She was always willing to share what she had and I remember her saying, "We always have something we can share." I remember people coming to our home after church, at Greater Christ Temple Pentecostal Church, to eat her famous sweet potato pies. In Covenant Cove Community, we built a memorial garden to honor the kindness of her spirit.  My mother considered herself a christian and for her that meant to do good whenever she could. While she was only here a few years, the impact she made has lasted a lifetime. She shared what she had and instilled in me to do the same by example. We dedicate our Women And Men Who WIN Assistance Program in her honor.  -PBC
QUEEN NICHOLSON (1934 - 2002)
Who was Queen Nicholson? She was one of the savviest businesswomen I've ever met. She waltzed into my life when I was around age 17. She was kind enough to share with me many words of wisdom. She spoke to me about saving money and keeping my credit good and knowing what qualities I should want from a man before he showed up in my life. She was tough, smart, and daring all while embodying a frame of only 120 pounds. Because she chose to pay it forward by sharing with me business tips in real estate, business tips in money management and business tips in relationships, her advice has helped mold me into the woman I am today. I will forever be grateful that our paths crossed. In honor of her great spirit, I also dedicate our "Women And Men Who WIN" Assistant Program in her honor. Queen Nicholson, I will always be appreciative of what you shared so freely with me and you will always be the queen in my life. - PBC

"Be The Change

You Want To See

In The World Today"

​                    -Gandhi