Join us as we receive the miracle of beginning again. It is our goal to share the beautiful, magnificence associated with Little Rock Central High School through the revitalization of Ponder's Drug Store. Ponder's Drug Store is located on the Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site, 2121 W. 16th St., Little Rock, AR 72202. Many tuned in in 1957 to witness the loveless acts of racism against nine African American students whose goal was to integrate the then all white Little Rock Central High School. It is our hope that many more will tune in this year to witness the loving acts of the human spirit as we unite to revitalize Ponder's Drug Store into a gracious, spiritual enlightenment center, where all students are accepted and loved unconditionally.  In 1957, Elizabeth Eckford, who was one of the nine students, was turned away from entering Ponders Drug Store (located directly across the street from Little Rock Central High) as she tried to escape the loveless behavior demonstrated by the crowd of protestors. The world was watching. Media from around the world captured those events. Our goal is to revitalize Ponder's Drug Store and welcome all students to embrace the oneness of the

human spirit through inclusion. The renovated building will be home to global humanitarian programs designed for all students to develop and cultivate a consciousness of their personal highest and best use to the world while demonstrating love. We will also have our STEM program as part of that curriculum. Saving this building for a positive representation of the human experience is our first goal. Completely renovating it is our final goal. The first step toward renovating Ponders is stabilizing the building, which includes replacing the flat roof and its drainage pipes.

Many say this is a large undertaking, too big, can't be done. I happen to agree. It is too large of an undertaking for any one person. This undertaking can only be achieved through the efforts of a united force. Would you please join our force? Be on the lookout for our upcoming crowd funding projects as we extend the opportunity to the world to help us begin again. And, by all means, please pass this information on to as many people as possible. If you would like to join our force and make a donation as an identified donor or an anonymous donor, your assistance would be greatly appreciated. We invite you to partner with us to develop this historic site into a wonderful location for the entire world to see. We welcome your presence.

For those of you who have asked where can you make your donation, our physical address is 5100 W. 12th St., Little Rock, AR 72204. Please make checks payable to Faithland Properties Ponder's Revitalization Project. If you would like to send a donation, you can mail the check to P.O. Box 55300, Little Rock, AR 72215. Also, for those of you who have gifts, talents and skills in addition to or including financial donations, we welcome you to share those donations such as architectural design; construction and construction management; building materials; furnishings; computers and the creative genius of your thought process. If you have  any questions regarding donation options   please feel

free to call me, PBC at 

(501) 944-5477. 

I am also, like many of you, a proud graduate of 

Little Rock Central High (Class of 1982). But, I am also like all of you, a human being created

out of love.

And remember, only love is real.

8519 Kanis Little Rock, AR 72204

2 Acres Sold

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Covenant Cove, A For Lease Community 

Project Completed

At 2700 Romine Rd. in Little Rock, AR 72204, the landscape of leasing a home has changed forever. Covenant Cove Community is a 51-home, residential and corporate leasing neighborhood, built with fitness-friendly walking paths and beautiful green space.

Click Here To Inquire About Leasing

A Home In Covenant Cove Community

Covenant Cove Community - A 51-home subdivision, built from the ground up

Realign Tanya For One

Signalized Intersection

In Progress

A new route is being planned to help redirect the traffic on John Barrow Road. As the City of Little Rock reviews traffic flow improvements. It will realign Tanya for a one signalized intersection on John Barrow Road. This will improve the traffic flow and ultimately create a safer driving experience for the citizens of Little Rock, Arkansas.


Diamond Park Loft Condominiums

and Residential Patio Homes
In Progress. Opportunities Available This residential and commercial project will be the crown jewel of environmentally responsible developments. Soon to be located at 8905 Labette Dr., off of John Barrow Road in West Central Little Rock, AR 72204, condominiums and residential patio homes  will be available. To inquire about owning your own home or partnership opportunities call:
(501) 944-5477

The Minority Owned Real Estate Division of PBC INC.

PBC At Work

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COMING SOON! 3 & 4 BR Custom Homes 4 Sale - Starting at $270,000. Owner Financing Available!

​​​​Kanis Mixed Use Development

In Progress, Opportunities Available

Location, Location, Location. Wow. Let's try that again. LOCATION, LOCATION, LOCATION! This undeveloped 8-acre tract of land is like finding a needle in a haystack. Lucky us. Conveniently located close to major businesses and major thoroughfares are only just a few of the reasons that make this piece of property a great find. Plans are in the works for a new mixed use development here at 8519 Kanis Rd. To get a piece of this wonderful investment opportunity, give us a call at (501) 944-5477.

Phase Two - Development


A Refreshment Cafe

"There is nowhere to get anything to drink on this national historic site." Yes, we hear you. We heard you and we're working on a solution to that challenge. Coming soon will be our refreshment cafe located at 2201 W. 13th St., directly across the street from the Little Rock Central High School Museum and Visitor Center in the National Historic Park Site. We, a group of Little Rock Central High Alumni, think our Little Rock Central High School National Park is among the best in the nation. However, we are missing one major component – no where for our visitors to get a cold refreshing beverage while visiting our site and learning about our history, which was so important that the world tuned in to watch. We are in the planning stages of preparing to build our environmentally-friendly refreshment cafe where all are welcome. Our juice bar and smoothie cafe will showcase some of the memorabilia that exposes the world to the great successes that our students at Little Rock Central High are achieving, in education, sports, the arts, foreign languages, community service, music and so many other wonderful things that the world deserves to know. We are excited to provide a place of refreshment for all of the people who think enough of our museum and our history to visit our great state and tour our wonderful museum. We want to culminate their wonderful experience by offering a refreshing beverage in our juice bar and smoothie cafe where all are welcome.  

First-Time Home Owner Assistance Program

Is Available Now

Infill Lots For Residential Homes Are Now Available - Limited Supply 

If you eventually want to own your own home, this could be your opportunity! We have a limited amount of vacant residential lots in existing neighborhoods to build on. We work with other professions to assist you in getting into your first home or your next home with no or very little money down. Current subdivisions we are working with are Kensington and Twin Lakes in Little Rock, Arkansas. For more information give me a call 501-944-5477. I promise you will be glad you did. 

Little Rock, AR 72204  $67,500 Deposit Required. International investors are welcome


Twin Lakes Subdivision

Pam Brown Courtney

Entrepreneur,Real Estate Developer

and Investor

Pam Brown Little Rock Central High School Alumni Class of '82

About Pam Brown Courtney

John Barrow Mixed Use Commercial Development

Opportunity In Progress

This 34-acre contiguous piece of commercial property is located at 1905–2225 John Barrow Road, Little Rock, AR 72204. It is perfect for creating income into perpetuity. This master plan real estate project is in the making for a mixed-use development consisting of retail, restaurants, office, manufacturing, general commercial and a vast amount of open green space. This urban redevelopment project has unlimited opportunities. The selling price is $12 a sq. ft. ($17,772,480). We are willing to subdivide. This is a great opportunity to partner and invest your income without verification. For more information, call me, pambrowncourtney at: (501) 944-5477. You will be sooooooooo glad you did! Or, email: 

Ponder's Drug Store Revitalization Project Located On

Little Rock Central High School’s Historic Site 

In Progress: Opportunities Available

Ponder's Drug Store is located at 2121 W. 16th St. • Little Rock, AR 72204  

Only Love Is Real.

Commercial And Residential Real Estate Development Opportunities

​​​​Kanis Mixed Use Development Phase One

In Progress

Two acres of land is completed. Bought by Second Baptist Church, 1709 John Barrow Road. Phase Two plans are still in the works for the mixed use development. If you want to get a piece of this wonderful investment opportunity, give us a call at (501) 944-5477.

For those who like to participate in the collaboration of such a wonderful experience, please contact Pam Brown Courtney at We welcome everyone.


Kensington Subdivision

Diamond Park, a cozy residential community with patio homes and loft condominiums is in Phase I of development. This project is being developed for an owner finance clientele where stated income is accepted. Yes, You Heard It Right! Diamond Park in Little Rock, Arkansas, also known as the natural state, will soon open its doors to 32 homes and 60 condos to a clientele that desires to lease to own, also known as owner finance by the developer. If you desire to own your own home or just a piece of investment property, you will not want to miss out on this opportunity. We pride ourselves on trying to accommodate every client that calls us. We are willing to keep your properties in our name. This is an investment opportunity for those who have additional monies and who wish to invest in a safer investment. No income verification required. This residential and commercial development project is in progress now. The location is 8905 Labette Dr., located off of John Barrow Road in West Central Little Rock, AR 72204. If you are not familiar with Little Rock, Arkansas let me share with you why this location is one of the best-kept secrets I know. Wikipedia says Little Rock is a major cultural, economic, government and transportation center within Arkansas and the South. The city includes cultural institutions such as the Arkansas Arts Center, the Arkansas Repertory Theatre, and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra, in addition to the hiking, boating, and other outdoor recreational opportunities. Little Rock's history is also available to residents and visitors in a variety of ways; history museums, historic districts or neighborhoods like the Quapaw Quarter, and historic sites like Little Rock Central High School. The city is the headquarters of Dillard's, Windstream Communications, Acxiom, Stephens Inc., University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, Heifer International, the Clinton Foundation, and the Rose Law Firm. Other large corporations, including Dassault Falcon Jet and LM Wind Power have large operations in the city. State government is also a large employer, with most offices being located in downtown Little Rock. Two major Interstate highways, Interstate 30 and Interstate 40 meet in Little Rock, with the Port of Little Rock serving as a major shipping hub.

Also, less than five minutes away from the new proposed Diamond Park Subdivision you have a multi-million CARTI (Central Arkansas Radiation Therapy Institute) center, three newly built nephrology medical practices, a gastroenterology clinic, a fertility clinic, MRI imaging center, dental office, Southern Bancorp Corporate Headquarters, Arkansas’ largest hospital, Baptist Health Medical Center; a multi-million dollar 125 bed, state-of-the-art assisted living facility; a multi-million dollar mixed use Shackleford Crossings Mall development which includes eateries, shopping and entertainment; a multi-million dollar newly built Sid McMath Library; a  more than a million dollar Second Baptist Church; and more than a million dollar St. Andrew’s Church; last but not least, Parkview Arts and Science Magnet High School is within walking distance. As you can see, the value to this property is definitely location, location, location.

If you are the type of person who desires discretion and privacy even regarding your financial income, I am your new best friend. I understand confidentiality and exclusivity. This deal is only for the select few. I only have 32 homes to sell and 60 condos. Want to know what they will look like? Go to I've successfully developed this type of project before.

 Want to talk business with me? Call me, PBC at (501) 940-1506 or E-mail me at I promise you'll be glad you did. I am a great developer and can be an even better partner.

She navigates through the business world as a real estate developer/investor and educator. Enjoying the privilege of a multi-million dollar real estate portfolio, a real estate consulting business and an inspirational speaker where she teaches others how to get started in real estate, PBC says she is living the dream. She is also the visionary, developer and owner of the multi-million dollar Covenant Cove Community subdivision in West Central Little Rock, Arkansas.

Will you "Be The Change

You Want To See In The World Today"?

​                                                   -Mahatma Ghadi

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