​Building strong, lasting, loving relationships take time and skills to learn. Navigating the waters of positive communication is no easy undertaking. Avoiding the pit falls of physical and mental abuse, domestic violence and unhealthy relationships is a learned behavior.  ​No investment in the relationship means no return on investment. Take the time necessary to invest.

A Pink Health Initiative Event

A Special Pink Event With PBC

A Purple Health Initiative Event

Sustaining a partnership for almost 30 years has not been an easy task. However, it has been a task worth the investment for my husband, Willis Courtney, M.D., and myself, Pam Brown Courtney. My husband is a first generation physician who practices Independent Medical Exams (IMEs) in neurology/epilepsy, and I am a first generation real estate entrepreneur who develops, invests and educates in real estate. We understand the challenges many couples face today. Dr. Courtney comes from a two-parent household in rural McGhee, Arkansas. He says the example his father set by the way he treated his wife for almost 50 years, who was also Dr. Courtney's mother, set in motion the skills he needed to participate in our partnership of marriage. In contrast to my husband I was exposed to domestic violence and a single parent household at an early age. Together, Dr. Courtney and I are the founders of CNTI, Courtney's Neuroplasticity Training Institute, where our goal is to help couples experience having a great working partnership, which is one of life’s most rewarding experiences. Building strong, lasting, loving relationships takes time and skills to learn. Navigating the waters of positive communication is no easy undertaking. Avoiding the pit falls of physical and mental abuse, domestic violence and unhealthy relationships is a learned behavior. We provide you with the training and tools you will need to create a healthy, rewarding relationship experience. 

As a board certified neurologist/epileptologist, studying the brain has been a part of Dr. Courtney's 23-year practice. His training provides you with the tools you will need to enjoy the benefits of great communication in your partnership.

"As the wife, PBC, I say, let’s learn to Partake in Brilliant Conversations," Dr. Courtney says. "We look forward to seeing you at our next group training session or call us for confidential consultations for corporations, small group sessions or individuals. We can also meet the requirements of your job, court or school for anger management coursework in all 50 states." For more information about CNTI (Courtney's Neuroplasticity Training Institute), call Pam Brown Courtney at:

​                           (501) 940-1506 or e-mail pbcourtneyar@gmail.com.

Supporting Purple Events

PBC's Health Initiative

Willis Courtney, M.D. and Pam Brown Courtney Are Committed To Domestic Violence Prevention Education

Breast Care Edcuation

A Red Health Initiative Event

A Special Stroke Awareness Initiative Red Event With PBC May Of Every Year


The Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence

&Dr. Willis and Pam Brown Courtney Are Committed To Domestic Violence Educational Training. 


The Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence is a nonprofit organization that has served both rural and urban areas of Arkansas since its inception in 1981. The mission of the Arkansas Coalition Against Domestic Violence is to eliminate domestic violence and promote healthy families. Proceeds from all events will benefit 31 domestic violence shelters across
the state of Arkansas. Please join us to make all of our events a sell out for a great cause.

Strokes do target by color, and good health is more than just a stroke of luck!

Three women supporting a community health initiative designed to get women more involved. However, one of these ladies is at greater risk of having a stroke than the other two. Did you know the odds are African Americans are twice as likely to suffer a stroke as white Americans? Beating the odds isn't about winning. It's about living. Good health is not just a stroke of luck. It's about education regarding the best care which is prevention. Your opportunity is coming to join PBC at her next “Red Event”. You can rest assured, you don’t want to miss your invitation to become part of a community health initiative event where the discussion of stroke prevention is the priority. So, if you’re interested in receiving more information about“PBC’s Red Event,”please fill out the form on the “Invest In Real Estate” page and select“PBC’s Red Event”in the drop down “Interest” menu, then click the “Submit” button.

Ladies join me every October for a very special breast care educational initiative. We set aside this time to remind women of just how important it is for us to take care of us and to protect the next generation. This is also the month where I like to give away a free week's vacation at my vacation home in Covenant Cove Community. Yes, you heard it right. A beautiful home, fully furnished for some lucky woman and whomever she chooses to join her to just relax all for free!! For more information on how you can submit your entry to be considered for the one week free vacation home experience in Covenant Cove Community, send your request to my inbox on my Facebook page, Pam Brown Courtney.