Volume 3 Number 5


​Dr. Willis Courtney is a board certified neurologist and epileptologist. He is best known for his wide range of knowledge in his field of medicine and his unusual delivery style, which is considered one of the most down to earth and one-on-one deep listening styles you will ever come across. Dr. Courtney says one of the most valuable lessons he has learned in medicine is that there are no two patients quite the same. For that reason he treats all of his patients as individuals. If you are looking for a second opinion regarding your neurological condition, Dr. Courtney is your doctor. He specializes in IMEs (independent medical exams), neuroplasticity training and patient education. Please visit williscourtneymd.com.

Volume 10 Number 2


At 2700 Romine Rd. in Little Rock, AR 72204, the landscape of leasing a home has changed forever. The development of Covenant Cove Community, a residential and corporate leasing neighborhood, has raised the bar. With only 51 newly built homes in this for lease community, exclusivity is the new word. The day of old when residents were limited to older existing homes, with outdated decor and no feel of community when it came to their leasing needs is now a thing of the past. Covenant Cove Community has breathed new life into the leasing process. We give residents the opportunity to lease a beautiful home they can be proud of. Take a tour at covenantcovecommunity.com


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Volume 3 Number 2

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